Brain Gem – 5ml


INGREDIENTS – 100% pure, wild crafted and organic, premium-grade E.O.B.B.D. certified essential oils of Breuzim, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Rose, Peppermint.

Price: $108.00


Known to improve the nervous system (specifically the brain). Common uses: brain nourishment, chemical balancing, over stimulation, increased (oxygen, hydrogen, and endorphins), mental fatigue, mental dysfunction.

This combination of constituents is assembled primarily for their effect on the nervous system—specifically the brain.

Able to rapidly pass the blood brain barrier in a matter of seconds after exposure, this exclusive blend of constituents literally nourishes the brain, allowing it to balance, focus more keenly, turn off over stimulation and build new brain cells due to the supply of oxygen, hydrogen, and endorphins delivered by these constituents, making it ideal for students, children, and busy executives. The features of these constituents also help to maintain a healthy blood stream to the brain which aids in common mental fatigue and dysfunction.

*Can be used aromatically, internally, or applied topically at the back of the neck just below the hairline, on the temples and directly on the top of the head in the area known as the “window of sky” point with no dilution requirements.


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Suggestions For Using Your Oil


Dr. Dana Young’s book, this oil helps with:
Addictions (restores lost brain cells)
Bell’s Palsy
Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression
Brain Scarring
Cerebral Palsy
Child that does not talk (Selective Mutism)
Clinical Depression
Head Trauma (fluid on the brain)
Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Memory Problems (Storing/ Cognitive Abilities)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Nervous System Issues
Parkinson’s Disease
Problems with Mental Acuity
Problems with Concentration
Tremors (severe)




“I have struggled with anxiety, things making sense, depression, highs and lows… Not being able to calmly and clearly make decisions… Overall mental clarity and brain function… Just 2 uses of this oil yesterday on the back of my neck and I am feeling better and clearer than I ever have in my life–and it is such a relief!!! If you are at all curious about Brain Gem, seriously you have to give it a try. I struggled needlessly for 2 years because of the cost involved with buying this oil, but now that I have got it, I am so happy!”
-Amy from Arizona




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