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“I would rather have one drop of essential oil from properly grown and care- fully distilled plants – like those I use in Be Young Essential Oils — Than a store-full of cheap, improperly extracted oil. Be Young Essential Oils are the best nature can give – nothing added, nothing taken away.” ~ Dana Clay Young


Dana has 28+ years of personal testing using essential oils for health.

Get your hands on detailed therapeutic suggestions using essential oils, Desk Reference For Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils.


A history of quality.

Dana spent over a decade partnering with network marketing companies to share his work with the world… but there was one catch… they did not share Dana’s vision for superb quality.

After being asked by four different establishments to compromise the quality of his oils to make more money, Dana decided to start his own company. He now partners with essential oil farms all over the world to get you the highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Dana will only work with oils that are EOBBD Certified, *Essential Oils Botanically and Biometrically Defined™”.

“Be Young Essential Oils has set the bar for the essential oil industry by offering the

                  • world’s only formula of
                  • organic AND wild-crafted
                  • premium oils in every drop.

With the strictest harvesting and manufacturing processes, void of even the smallest amount of pressure and damaging heat, each and every drop of Be Young Essential Oil is packed with the most potent percentage of naturally occurring constituents available in the market.

Unlike countless other “me too manufacturers”, Be Young Essential Oils is the only provider which earns the prestigious EOBBD™* certification on every batch of essential oils, via third party quality assurance experts, thus establishing a lofty standard by which all other essential oils should be judged.” -Be Young Essential Oils

Dana spent most of his time growing up in British Columbia Canada and Northern Idaho. He says, “my schooling has been for most of my life the observation of the patterns and rhythms of nature.” ~ Dana Young

Dana has learned the chemical elements and healing functions of essential oils.

He traveled and studied in Europe under essential oils specialists Pierre Franchomme, PhD and Daniel Penoel, MD.

He has been involved in every step of the cultivation and manufacturing of essential oils — from seed selection through distillation.

Dana has over 28 years of study under his belt, Dana Young knows essential oils.


Specialized oil blends.

In the past 12 years, Dana has developed an exclusive product line of essential oils. People, (myself included), are thrilled with the new oil blends Dana has created…

          • Brain Gem (brain = happy and focused)
          • Eye Vision (improve your vision mentally, emotionally and physically)
          • Di-Gest (ease your digestion)
          • Guardian (what isn’t this blend good for)
          • E-Motion (soothe and root out your over-whelming emotions)
          • Romance (support your emotional connection sand increase intimacy) and
          • Gergelim Baru Carrier Oil (soften your skin and dilute essential oils with this luxurious Brazilian plant oil)

Plus his classic blends…

Dana tests all of his oils to make sure they are the best–each time you purchase.


A real person’s take…

I asked a good friend of mine if she ever met Dana Young.

“Yes. Multiple times, at least 5 or more. Dana has a real passion for getting people back to nature. He does this through all the products at Be Young but definitely through his essential oils line. Its the perfect blend of nature and science to bring real and measurable results in your life… Have you signed up yet?”

I also asked about her impression of his character:

“He is full of integrity and honesty. I got to eat dinner with him and his family at the banquet 3 years ago. He is definitely a family man. He has a love of nature and of God.”

-Karlee, from Arizona

Dana has created many valuable programs and kits based on years of experience. Coupled with his study of the human body, he has years of hands-on analysis of aromatherapy and the healing applications of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Programs for health and wellness like:

Plus essential oil Kits like:


“The products are exceptional. Brain Gem has been very effective–it literally helped me clear my head and launch this website.”

–Amy Drew, President of BeYoungEssentials.com

(pg.25)“…In your family, you have a responsibility to yourself and to them to stay fit and healthy. When I was disinclined to look after my own health, my wife would remind me that the family would fall apart if I became ill. “Who will look after your family?” she would ask, and that was usually a good enough corrective to make me pay attention…” – Dana Young


Solutions… Undo Disease, Secrets Discovered By A Scientist 

Dana has developed a book with data, instructions and advice he’s gathered over the years.

He’s helped himself, his family, his friends and thousands of acquaintances boost health with essential oils.

Use his 28+ years of testing to find the perfect way to use essential oils for your health.

Get tested essential oil recipes in his Desk Reference For Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils –

Own his work today, and build your health and the health of your family.

              • Use the secrets of pure essential oils from a PhD and Scientist.
              • Get the quality guarantee of a President and CEO.

Desk Reference For Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, by Dr. Dana Young.


Amy Drew,

BeYoungEssentials.com. A sharing partner in Be Young Essential Oils.


P.S. Thanks for reading and taking time out to learn more about Dana Young. His products have changed mine and countless other’s lives. Be one of them, and join the ranks today.


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